13 Mar

Using Research Everything by Zemanta

Do you ever miss a research tool when writing a new post on your WordPress blog? I’m talking about a tool where you could search the web from your compose dashboard and insert related links directly to your post.

When I write posts or articles or any study related documents I search the web for interesting and relevant literature. I was really happy when I found out that Google enables you a Research tool on Google Drive documents. But the biggest problem is that I’m too much of a nerd to use the usual office suites like Microsoft Office or Libreoffice or Google Drive. My workflow is somewhat unusual. I write most of the content in Emacs where I use AUTEX package to create PDF documents with LaTeX. So those tools are somewhat useless for most of the stuff I do.

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But when it comes to writing blog posts, Emacs fails. Well, not really, I could use Org-mode’s export to blog tool but I don’t know how to do that yet =). It would also be possible to create a research tool for Emacs (check out Howdoi). Until then I am bound to the WordPress compose page where the Research Everything is a must-have. You can get it here. It’s really only an add-on for the best WordPress search plugin – Search Everything.

And yeah guys, this post was created using Zemanta’s Research Everything =)

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